• DinkyCard. Your little contrinution to the planet.

    Environment, Communication Design


    The idea is to make a tiny change and see what it leads to.

    As a designer a powerful piece of paper that's used to make a statement for business owners is still the business card. So let's change that statement a little and make it an eco one as well as a corporate one.

    The DinkyCard has one goal to get designers using the new DinkyCard format, which is 2x1.75, half the current U.S standard size. All I ask is to tell me how many you produced at the new size so I can calculate the eco impact, and be really nice and put on a DinkyCard.org credit on your design to help spread the word.

    It's a campaign, not a business - so join in please, I can't do it alone. Cheers Jim


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