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    I think this is an amazing idea and I anso glad to have finally come across something like this. I graduated from university 2 years ago with a BSc in Occupational Therapy. I started university not knowing wether to go into design or into medicine.. i choose med and i regret it to this day. I took my bsc in occupational therapy so it would lead to more carrer choices and thinking it may allow to study into my real passion.. design. My class choices were very limited and i was able to only take 2 courses on design.. however i spent more time on my independent design studies and staying current than i did with my 'real' school. I learnd so many valuable lessons on how to look at the individual, the task being performed and the environment and more importantly how that individual can efficiently complete the task within that environment. I have more recent been applying these same concepts to overall business ideas or community development/emprovement. It's amazing how similar the language that was used above is to that of Occupational Therapy. Terms such as quailty of life are absolutle certral concepts of Occupational Therapy. The connections are simply amazing. I am currently living in Savannah, GA studying to take my OT licencing exam. Once I complete that I willbe completing my portfolio to apply to SCAD but if ANYONE was will to give me an opportunity to 'internship' and learn with some real hands on projects I would love to participate! I just need the opportunity.
    I have gone on for long enough now. In final I am definitally going to look more into Designmatters! jonathan

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