• Playtime investment for healthy kids and schools in the US

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    A recently research paper published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation highlights the need for more investment in recess.

    Nationwide, kids between fi rst and sixth grade spend more time on average per week in recess than they do in P.E. or various kinds of after-school programs. With 42 percent of the available opportunity for physical activity, recess represents the most powerful strategy to get the most kids moving, followed by P.E. with 32 percent. After-school pro- grams and activities only represent 26 percent of the available opportunity for physical activity. Investment on recess is invisible, while $1 billion is invested in after-school activities and $70million on Phys. Ed Activities.

    Parents, teachers and school administrators have a tough job. Helping children achieve academically is challenge enough. But raising and teaching kids today also means dealing with such seemingly disparate issues as depression, violence and obesity. What happens in the classroom is essential to preparing children for success, but what happens outside of the classroom, and even on the playground, is just as important – especially considering that only 36 percent* of children meet doctors’ recommendations for physical activity.

    The full report is available by clicking here

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