• David Lynch: Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain

    Peace, Communication Design


    Having previously heard of the award winning film director David Lynch, I was interested and curious when a friend sent me a link to a recent talk Lynch participated in, to discuss; Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain.

    The talk suprised me. Describing itself as the inside story on transcending the brain, with David Lynch, Award-winning film director of Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Mullholland Drive, ... Inland Empire; John Hagelin, Ph.D., Quantum physicist featured in "What the bleep do we know?;" and Fred Travis, Ph.D.

    What I found even more valuable in watching this talk, was discovering the plethora of creative outputs Lynch works on for the better of all society. Lynch's BIG idea is that of World Peace, and he acts in assisting that, through the David Lynch Foundation, which also links to another educational project for Stress Free Schools, which acts at Improving Academic Achievement, Preventing and Treating Stress, Anxiety and Depression, and Learning Disabilities.

    This is a fascinating talk and approach to challenging individual positivity, self confidence and understanding.

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