• Universal Soul



    Good Evening Chrisitan,

    I come from Beirut, the lovely, viable, outgoing capital of Lebanon. In my opinion, design is a means of expression of the human nature. The human nature, energy & soul is one all over the world. Basically what differs is the style in which this design is relayed, this style vaires according to each culture, the language, traditions, standards, usage of colors, meanings related to it, etc. The more the people are open, have an open spirit, the more the design is one, but only with a style that differentiates it from the rest, just like everything related to art, like music, cooking...it's intuitive and related to our essence.This essence is the same everywhere.

    Everything is design and layout and they come with a special breath, the breath of the maker mixed with that of the beholder.

    Keep it always clean inside!

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