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    All the responses I've read (in addition to the seminal posting) are very impressive, and I agree wholeheartedly.

    I'm also beginning to understand that the decay in education is not just a negligence issue, it's a response to communication techniques and hierarchies. Communication in general, and language, in particular, are going through a huge evolution. The effective methods and content used have changed. It isn't that the schools aren't keeping up, it's that the "users" are finding more pungent and evocative avenues to find and use the information they need.

    As designers it's our responsibility to keep our ears to the ground, and decipher the vibe, clarifying the communication channels and structures for the world at large. It's reminiscent of the post WWII abstract expressionists when they deconstructed the visual world and re-built it. Their aesthetic spread throughout the communications world and re-defined it - a definition we've clung to for over 60 years.

    Times have changed, and it's time again.

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