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    Prime Concern is dedicated to raising awareness to the Endangerment of Primate Species. The weblog profiles the founding and project development of an awareness campaign and research initiative which intends to gather collective interest from a global audience of scientists, animal behavioural experts, zoologists, researchers and socially conscious designers and creatives.

    Prime Concern is a non-profit initiative, set up to raise awareness, share information and ultimately encourage feedback, participation and collaboration. Prime Concern was founded in September 2007, by MSc and PGD Student Julia Quick, currently studying Animal Behaviour and Welfare at Belfast’s Queen’s University and Socially Conscious Communications Designer Kate Andrews. The diverse collaboration between scientist and designer gives Prime Concern two platforms of expertise and experience: a body of knowledge focused toward the endangerment of Primate Species, and understanding of how Communication Design can assist in raising the awareness of global, environmental and social issues.

    The endangerment of Primate Animals is an ever increasing problem, and I wholeheartedly support Julia's ambitious intentions for the project. Please do visit the new blog and if you are interested in further details email Julia at julesq82@googlemail.com

    Prime Concern

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