• LOVELY AS A TREE: Eco-Friendly Website for Graphic Designers

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    Lovely As A Tree is the website that tells you everything you need to know to be a more environmentally aware graphic designer. Giving you the low down on how your choices of design, paper and print impact upon the environment. The site lists all the steps you can take to reduce your design footprint, takes you through the process of choosing a recycled or more sustainably sourced paper, and shows you what to look for when choosing a greener printer.

    You’ll also find lists of the UK’s most environmentally friendly papers and printers, web links to help make your office green, and case studies to inspire you. Lovely as a Tree aims to enable and inspire graphic designers to make more environmentally friendly choices in their work.

    Caroline Clark is the founder of Lovely as a Tree, and she has worked as a graphic designer since graduating with an MA from the Royal College of Art in 1996.

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