• Paparazzi Catches Allumonde in Stacks

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    The New York Times says...

    The Furniture designer Richard Hutten continues the midcentury tradition of bringing good design to the masses —this time in the form of jewelry. The elegantly simple rings in his Allumonde collection are made of stainless steel, black titanium- plate, gold titanium-plate, sterling silver and 24-karat gold and cost from $35 to $2500 (at design21sdn.com). Twenty-one percent of the proceeds goes to charity (19 percent of that to a cause the customer chooses from a list of more than 100 at the Design 21 Web site), and 2 percent to Unesco, a nonprofit organization that, among its various activities, builds art centers for children around the world. For younger design disciples, a set of six stackable Lucite rings is available for $25 in a half-dozen good-Samaritan jelly-bean colors.

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