• The Progressive Organic Cultivation Project

    Community, Environmental Design


    Progress was originally devised for drug rehabilitation and is now an organization helping communities for tomorrow. It has been running in deprived areas of London inner cities since 2004.

    Simon Ghartey, founder of Progress describes the Project: "We have been persuaded by the local authorities to start in primary schools in deprived parts of South London. The reasoning is to re-use city space for the purpose of growing organic fruit and vegetables, and horticulture. This Organic Cultivation project has been devised on the basis of a crop rotational plan that we have been involved in Clapham Park, South London.

    Since the start we have worked with communities that do not have this service at their disposal. The majority do not own their own green space as they live in the inner city concrete. At present we are working within the three local primary schools and have re-designed part of a local park. The redesign is serving the purpose of an allotment space for two of the schools that do not have much green space within their grounds."

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