• Barefoot College IS changing the world

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Solar power was first used in 1986 on a large scale, to completely energise the 80,000 square foot Barefoot College campus at Tilonia. The College campus now is totally self-sufficient with a 40 kilowatt solar energy unit meeting all its energy needs.

    The College by training rural unemployed youth as well as semi-literate and literate rural women, as barefoot solar engineers, from different part of the country, have since 1986, installed solar home lighting systems in their villages. They also fabricate and produce solar lanterns. More than 200 kilowatt solar energy is being generated across the country thorough systems and lanterns.

    Barefoot solar engineers have installed solar photovoltaic (SPV) home lighting systems and fabricated produced solar lanterns across 10 states of India. The results include, among many:

    Solar electrifying 300 adult education centres. Solar electrifying 870 schools across the country. 3530 solar lanterns manufactured at the College. 195,000 litres of kersoene saved, by replacing generators and oil lanterns with solar power.

    Badakshan (pic) is the first village to be fully solar electrified in Afghanistan - thanks to Barefoot College

    What a truly amazing model of imagination, vision and creative and positive development!!

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