• Nice try, BP

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Oil conglomerate BP has put up a very nice site about how they (and you) can help the environment. The idea is that the way to stop all of the global warming charts from going up is to figure out where you are on the "curve" and "aspire" to reach the next level of the curve.

    There's a very nice quiz on the site where it asks you a series of questions - do you work from home at least once a week? do you recycle? do you use compact fluorescent bulbs? do you turn off your computer when it's not in use? have you stopped junk mail from arriving at your house? do you save paper at work by doing more things electronically?

    At the end of the questionnaire they give you a score, and then give you the opportunity to print your results.

    Nice try BP. You know they've invented this thing called email...

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