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    Scanning the pages of Flickr, I came across a great initiative called Good 50x70; a poster design contest run this year. Focused toward five social issues: Aids, Environmental Damage, Human rights violation, Underdevelopment and War; Amnesty, Amref, Emergency, Greenpeace and Lila created briefs for the creative contestants to answer. The aim; "to raise public awareness (particularly amongst people inside the communication industry) of the relevance and importance of social communication. A successful communication is a real drive for social change."

    Good 50x70 describes the project: "Social communications nowadays is moving in two directions that rarely meet: on one side there are the occasional work that an agency donates to its social clients, often mixing different aims; and on the other side, really creative and innovative communication which tries to get free itself from the agency/client logic. The very meaning of our contest is to shake the current state of things by creating workshop where free creativity faces crucial issues while being enlightened by experience, with the aim of making a real contribution to society and truly making a difference."

    Do take a look at the Good 50x70 exhibition photos on flickr, and the competition winners here. This is a undoubtably an inspiring project with a timely future mindset; yet scanning the winning designs I am yet to find a unique style, that separates this socially conscious graphic design from any other advertising campaign (note the lack of poster designs showcased in this post). I'll keep looking.

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