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    'Amelia' Chair With an extruded geometric form the 'Amelia' Chair and complementary pieces designed by Keith Melbourne contrast complex and sophisticated lines with elegant parabolic curves. Woodmark www.woodmark.com.au

    'Mighty Chair' The indoor/outddor chair defines the tyological form in a single materical with zero detail, resulting in a practical, lightweight, comfortable and economical product. korban/flaubert korbanflaubert.com.au

    'In-Sync' Designs A contemporary Australian-manufactured jewellery collection of powder-coated stainless steel is made with attention to detail and functionality and currently includes a range of brooches and bangles. In-Sync Designs irissaar@optusnet.com.au

    'Tok Tok' The new 'Tok Tok' table was designed in Australia for the local market. The bold geometry and flexibility make it perfect for a quick chat and informal meeting in the modern day office. RJ Workspace rj.com.au

    'Flod' A modern spanish stool is ergonomically designed to be comfortable, light, stable and resistant for indoor and outdoor use. Ke-Zu kezu.com.au

    'This Table Will Self-Destruct' This unique product explores the space between one-off and mass-produced furniture. With each table sold, actual material is removed from the design, creating a finite number available. Studio 1A.M studio1am.com

    'Soundscape' Its form deriving from the contours of sculpted soundwaves, this chair in the 'Soundscape' furniture range by Jeeni Baxter reinterprets everyday sound relationships. Jenni Baxter j2baxter@bigpond.net.au

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