• Digital Storytelling

    Arts & Culture, Audio/Visual Design

    In June this year we invited a number of designers to participate in a digital storytelling project to be launched and showcased during Sydney Design 07. Each personal story is told, produced and made by a designer, in the Museum’s digital media studios, with the light helping hands of expert industry peers and technicians. This was all achieved during an intensive, two-day workshop.

    Digital Storytelling is an international practice (the best known method originating from Berkeley), that is still emerging, and the Powerhouse Museum is one of the few Digital Storytelling centres in Australia (the other notable centre is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne).

    We are very excited about the potential of this project and its possible widespread use throughout the design industry, as a design education tool and a medium for creative self reflection. Digital stories use new media technologies to produce autobiographical ‘mini-movies’. They present a personal point of view through the collaboration of voice narration, a collection of images, music and photographs.

    Digital storytelling is different to an oral history or an interview. This project offered participants the opportunity to contemplate their design practice through a new medium and to present for the viewer a significant insight into design processes, inspirations and working life. It also gave them the opportunity to collaborate and network with industry peers who they might not otherwise get the opportunity to work with, such as curators, editors and writers.

    Designers: Elke Kramer Andrew Silke Andrew Barnum Caroline Pidcock Korban Flaubert Suzanne Boccalatte Diana Lorentz

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