• Saturday Indesign

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    Saturday in Design Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July, Sydney, AUSTRALIA Over 90 participants, 60 locations and countless design launches made for a jam-packed schedule for Friday and Saturday. This year’s event saw companies across the city offering warm hospitality, design talks, a chance to meet designers and a glimpse into current design trends and future directions. Across the city and the suburbs, bright oranges flags decorated showrooms within each design precinct, with hordes of visitors popping in and out of showrooms at their leisure.

    With so much to see and do, the CarriageWorks space in Redfern and PYD building in Waterloo, which contained a number of design companies, made for a time-effective visit. There was high drama to be found around town, with an opera singer at James Richardson, a geisha and goth at Alternative Surfaces, and high culture in the art “installation” at Gelosa. Others preferred to take it down a notch in the simple farm atmosphere at Eco Concepts, listen to the jazz at Precision Flooring or take a breather at the oxygen bar at Work Arena.

    There was a distinctly international flavour this year with the “Danish with the Danish” at Interstudio and African food, music and dancing at Krost System Furniture. All in all, Saturday in Design was a celebration of design and creativity; spectators watched glass blowers at work at Diffuse, viewed the architects and designers version of the Archibald at Haworth, and were invited to contribute to an artwork on canvas at Iken Commercial Furniture, who will be auctioning the piece for the Cancerian Committee.

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