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    Recent research led me to the work of Duncan Wilson through a stunning example of design called Pixelnotes; a wallpaper which is four layers of 'post-it' notes of varying grey tones, on a primary colour backing. The beauty of this project is both how it responds to the way we interact with wall space, and how it becomes richer over time, as the layers are peeled away.

    Cutout [pictured] follows the same principle, addressing the way we interact with space. What is truly beautiful about both ideas is capturing the contrast of simplicity and functionality, while creating something so dynamic and so human - I have notes, photographs and other sentimental effects pinned on my wall as I write this. I would encourage you to visit his website, where photographs of both projects show how each wallpaper grows in time.

    Perhaps what these designs begin to achieve is an awareness of the world we live in and how we use its space, of the make-up of our surroundings and how we could begin to use these surroundings more efficiently.

    //also posted on Anamorphosis

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