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    Today, I came across a Yorkshire based design studio called Studio MIKMIK, which is the work of designer/illustrator Michael Lewis. Studio MIKMIK executes sustainable design, through using recycled papers and vegetable based inks. Not only is it their ethics that I find refreshing but the stunning examples of work, see picture. The online portfolio is well worth a browse if you are looking for some inspiration.

    Many design studios are beginning to employ the concept of sustainable design, thomas.matthews are a brilliant example of this. As a graphic designer I feel my discipline has the responsibility, and the power, to move people towards an eco-friendly future. I think the broader message here is that if all design companies had better ethics regarding their impact on the environment, as designers we could become united in our part in helping the future of the environment, with the hope that other industries and communities would follow.

    More thoughts to come...

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