• Who inspired I'm Not a Plastic Bag?

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    There’s some debate about who inspired I’m Not a Plastic Bag.

    Was it Miranda from Sex in the City?

    Sex in the City in 2002: Miranda is spotted sporting a bag that says “Stop Using Plastic Bags” while ironically carrying a plastic cup. Credits say it’s a “Green leaf Raffe tote”

    Or was it inspired by a charity?

    E: How did “I’m Not a Plastic Bag” come about?

    A.H. We were approached by a charity called We Are What We Do, a global social change movement. It really appeals to me because it’s all about personal responsibility, and I think that’s something that people have completely lost sight of. People endlessly blame the government, and the fact is, it’s up to us….It was with a group of very creative advertising types who realize that if it’s too onerous and heavy-duty and demanding of people, they’ll lose interest. And I think that’s very fundamental. They came to see us 2 1/2 years ago with this book called Change the World for Five Pounds. In the book are 50 actions of personal responsibility issues, and the first action was, wherever possible, refuse plastic bags. And they wanted to make the first action into a product.

    Image: HBO

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