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    Call for Designers support for people with Disability

    As a proud member of this amazing designers community I wish to call all fellow designers to join in a collaboration that supports people with disabilities (handicap).


    Since 2007 my company supports a small Humanitarian Organization that runs initiatives and projects for helping these people. This organization in 2009 started a new initiative called The OPEN FUND for helping people with disabilities in Macedonia. The main goal of this Fund is to gather resources needed for further action and continuously to raise awareness to the public. The front man of all awareness raising activities is an athlete that runs long distance marathons in his wheelchair (5.000 km is his amazing record). He is called Mile Stojkoski and my company made his personal web site to promote his humanitarian achievements. He has received numerous awards, honors and recognitions worldwide for his persistence, fight for cause and humanitarian vision and action. Since 4 days ago we started a new awareness raising campaign and I suggested that we involve the international designers community. And naturally I suggested you my fellow Designer. Don’t fail me now :)


    I call all Designers to create graphic designs on the topic DISABILITY/HANDICAP. Make the designs show that these people are our friends, family, lovers, coworkers... they deserve equal life, equal opportunity to be mobile and live a quality life outside their homes. Imagine or ask someone with a disability what is his/hers life like. Use this imagination or information in your design concept. The moto of the campaign is EQUALITY IN MOBILITY. Try to make the messages behind your design clear, strong and even shocking, stressful, sad or cheerful. It is up to YOU! These designs are going to be available for download on the campaigns web site as E-Cards so visitors can send them to their friends, relatives and coworkers and show support to people with disabilities. Our campaign team will also send them persistently worldwide in the following 3 years. This is the time to show you capabilities and humane virtue and to be seen worldwide.

    Basic rules: 1) Dont make the designs larger than 800x600 px 2) Use the official logo watermark - download here . You are allowed to change its color and transparency but not curves. 3) Include a text link "www.milestojkoski.com" in the Design. 4) Be sharp but not offensive. 5) Don't use the design for commercial purpose without our consent. 6) Don't use unauthorized images or brands. 7) Sign your name, brand or nickname but not web site or contact details on the design. 8) If you are not sure if your idea or finished design is suitable for these regulations just ask me at vladimir@nuvo.mk with your design attached and we will find a solution.

    Send me all your designs as links to the place you have them uploaded or email them to vladimir@nuvo.mk. Only the ones you were to lazy to work on will be rejected. Its not a strict filtration process, so no worries. Be free and imaginative in your work.

    The designs will be published in the gallery on the following link . To get the picture what all this is about browse www.milestojkoski.com and see for yourself.

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Regards from sunny Macedonia, Vladimir

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