• Tumbleweed Assembly [assemblage]

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    at the Harwood Art Center . ABQ . NM . Fall 2009

    From many, one.

    The project is sculptural and architectural—one that utilizes a native, nomadic plant form: the pale and dry Tumbleweed.

    What can be made of its hook and hold, its lightness, and its transparency? How does it stack? How does it take to being, at least relatively, contained and coupled? Will it work well with the others? Will it participate?

    It is proposed that through the investigation of these questions, the tumbleweed will yield architectural answers. Through stacking, tying, threading, pinching, and binding, the proposal seeks to materialize space and form with a most delicate, natural material. One that can be inhabited, one that we might empathize with and experienced as gestalt.

    for more information, go to: http://tumbleweedassembly.blogspot.com

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