• Mobile news from Africa



    Advances in wireless communications are now permitting Africans to share news in the form of text or video over their mobile phones. Voices from Africa shares these stories from their 'mobile reporters'.

    The Economist covers the topic as well, mobile phones are making far reaching changes in disaster relief, aid distribution and shifting the balance of power between donors and recipients.

  • Sure, i can't complain about technology advancing and the right of all people to acquire and use it. but is that what Africa is investing in? Communication Technology over Food, Water, Clothing and Medication? I realize that communication will eventually make easier disaster relief, aid distribution etc. but i can't help but wonder who is actually paying for this advancement and for what actuall reason. Don't get me wrong but i don't think that the major investement was made from or for the benefit of the huge masses that suffer extreme poverty and face imediate life-threatening needs. I know that this is a long term benefitial development but as i said it is in the LONG TERM. Please don't tell me that communication was the actuall problem for the Wealthy Africans or the rest of the World to help the majority of the masses in need...

    Hope i'm wrong as always.

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