• EcoMag No.1 : Future Scenarios

    Communication, Communication Design


    EcoMag is a magazine about art, design & sustainability produced by EcoLabs. Each issue will focus on a theme while investigating issues lying at the root of the ecological crisis. EcoMag No.1 launched in June 2009 at the the Future Scenarios Climate Roadshow in London. The magazine will be produced annually, with work by artists and designers responding to complex ecological problems. The theme of the first issue is ‘Future Scenarios’. We are indebted to the authors: Mark Lynas, David Holmgren and Herman Daly and grateful for having been granted permission to borrow freely and/or republish work. EcoMag No.2 - which will focus on ‘Economics’ and new calls for submissions will be posted in November 2009.The magazine is available in hard copy on the EcoLabs website and also as a low pdf here.

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