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    I'd like to introduce you all to <a href="http://www.urbanrevision.com/">Re:Vision</a>. Are you a visionary thinker? Inspired by the likes of the <a href="http://www.massivechange.com/">Bruce Mau</a> / Buckminster Fuller mindset? Re:Vision may just inspire you too.

    Founder Stacey Frost introduces the project: "<a href="http://www.urbanrevision.com/">Re:Vision</a> was born out of the belief that each of us has a unique perspective along with a wealth of ideas, energy and resources. Within us lies boundless potential. These competitions are about inspiring innovation, tapping into existing ideas, and using them in new and amazing ways. We are all creators. I challenge you to ask yourself what urban experience you truly want. BE BOLD. THINK BIG. It’s all there already, waiting to be put into action."

    An interesting initiative for anyone looking to voice their BIG ideas.

    Posted on Anamorphosis today.

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