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    Thanks to all those who participated in DESIGN 21's Who Would You Interview project. We received so many fantastic nominations that we've decided to launch an interview series! DESIGN 21 will be bringing you weekly opportunities to nominate questions for some of the most influential people in the field of social design. This also means a weekly dose of inspiration.

    Our interviewees include Valerie Casey of the Designers Accord, Chad Rea of ecopop, and John Emerson of Social Design Notes.

    But first up: What would you ask Philippa White - founder and managing director of The International Exchange (TIE).

    Based in the UK and Brazil, TIE connects professionals in the communication field with NGOs in developing nations, so that their skills can be used in a positive way to benefit the organization. The experience not only helps the NGO in a big way, but it teaches the volunteer about the power of their profession in communities. TIE has sent professionals from companies like Wieden + Kennedy, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and Leo Burnett to help NGOs like Gestos, Edificio Ecologico, and Arcos.

    Philippa moved to Brazil to start TIE after 5 years of working for advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett and BBH. She founded TIE and we are lucky enough to have the chance to interview her here. So here's your chance to gain some insights from Philippa.

    Nominate questions (by responding to this post) by Monday July 20th.

  • It seems TIE only work with multinational advertising agencies and like. How can an individual contribute TIE and what is first step to start with?

    unnikrishna menon damodaran

  • What are the biggest design and communication errors made by NGOs?

    Are there any design/comms 'golden rules' that should always be adhered to?

    What's an example of a particularly strong communications campaign by a particular NGO?

    What is your personal design/comms philosophy?

  • How do you get across the idea to a communicator from, say, Great Britain, that her or his well-honed skills may have absolutely no applicability in a developing nation.

    When I was working for a global agribusiness, the hardest lesson Americans had to learn was: Your way isn't ALWAYS the right way. Listening was far more important than trying to implement "our" way.

    I, personally, learned more about communication from my colleagues in "underdeveloped" nations than they learned from me -- at least as far as tactics were concerned.

    Communication theory is pretty much universal, but the biggest problem was getting communicators from "developed" countries to shut up and listen before acting.

    How do you get that across?

  • Futurepower_132_

    The world is vast and we are infinite. That being said I am curious to know why you do what you do? There is a tendency these days toward megalomania. To be guided by Negative Ego and to do to get.

    As a Spiritual Teacher and Healer with The Modern Mystery School I am constantly seeing The Light within and the god or goddess in everyone I meet. I am of the mind that progression comes at a price and unity is the only way to truly progress as one!

    So what is your short view and what is your long view?

    Love and Light! Bill Sonic Fricke

    And continued Blessings of The Infinite! If one ascends so to does everyone. But to fully ascend we must be as one. One Heart, One Love, One Spirit.


  • Is there am RFP that is sent out for projects? If so how does a design company get on that mailing list.

  • 3-1_177_

    means by whet happen in future community,,,today we got economic crisis do we have any solution through your projects...do u have solution for ,,,envirnment,,, do we need interrelation ship between macro + micro social context,,

  • what approachs, methods and tools you may think appropriated to redesign (green design) a slumdogs area if you have a chance?

  • With The Great Recession looming over the entire creative industry, finding relevance in how these human connections really impact our psyches is both difficult and greatly rewarding. How is TIE fairing in this current economic climate, and what does the program offer to communications professionals in light of these recent financial shifts in both the market and the industry?

  • 1_177_

    do u have any solution for prsent crisis ///cause it getting worse....soon will have food crisis,,,,,,,,, can u change the whole conceptual frame work,,,,

    our world need ,,,solution rather than discuss,,,,,do u have the power of changing world,,because to do that we need to intergrate the our world community,,it is a work of dream......

  • For communications professionals who can't commit to a full exchange, can you recommend any smaller - more bite-sized - ways to get involved with TIE?

  • If you were going to leave for a TIE exchange tomorrow, where in the world would you most like to go?

  • If all goes according to plan, what will TIE look like 15 years from now? What will be radically different and what will remain exactly the same?

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