• Drivers of Change



    The box set of Drivers of Change cards from Arup’s Foresight and Innovation team are part of an on-going research programme exploring those issues most likely to have a major impact upon society. They are designed to ignite minds and spark discussion in our transitory times.

    The box contains sets of cards on issues that drive change: energy, waste, climate change, water, demographics, urbanisation and poverty which are further divided into categories: social, technological, economic, environmental and political. Each card covers a single driver and presents a provocative question and image appended by a challenging fact and sub-issue. The reverse features further research, figures, maps and supporting detail – all coming together to prompt exploration of emerging trends in brainstorming sessions. By breaking groups out of linear thinking they engage minds in a participatory manner and are more likely to gather a brain storm of deep insights than a passing shower of shallow talk.

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