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    This is a reaction to the reports from CNN regarding the flood of real time information, warfare and counter measures that the conflict in Iran has caused. Iran's people have been seen and heard around the world. Their own country can not stop the global community from growing increasingly aware of Iran's internal situation and dynamics.

    The fighting and pioneering spirit of the Iranian's is evident in their ability to adapt and overcome. Much like other nations have experienced in the world's history. The knowledge of using current technologies to work around the stifling efforts of Iran's established government, only demonstrates how useful and powerful a tool the Internet and digital media have brought about. Much to the compliment of capitalism and democracy which have helped father and develop our ability to connect people. The Internet has become a war ground in this situation with social networking and real time information exchange becoming the weaponry.

    The advantages of information technology have helped to bring down the walls of isolationism and eliminate some of the power that countries once promoted to keep their people in darkness. The use of this technology has allowed access to truthful information, and the dissemination of that information. People have become more aware and educated as a result. Hopefully people become more empowered and inspired as well.

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