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    A colleague and I developed some crisp white 'portable offices' in Tyvek 5-7 years ago.

    These zippered, multipocketed folders were sized like laptops, and worked great. Durable too - mine's been on virtually every trip I've taken to meet with Green Map project leaders around the world (see GreenMap.org) since then. We also developed some larger and smaller bags, and collected samples of totes bags made of Tyvek (mostly made as premiums with beach themes), so previous use as bags is not unprecedented.

    The Tyvek we chose was 25% recycled material, machine washable, easy to print, strong. I'd guess Dupont would see the value of developing a takeback system, too - might even be possible to loop in the Post Offices in the US, as they give out millions of them a year as express mailers, and there's no place for them in the municipal reycling programs. Maybe they could go for a 100% recycled sheet.

    I'm not sure how well known Tyvek is in other countries, fx in Japan, it's not. I'd be very interested in seeing it go further, as it's such a compact, lightweight and tough sheet.

    Ironically the Crisp portable office folders my partner, Miss Ellen Ruth Levy, and I made were for our entry in Felissimo's product design competition! Perhaps its time has come.

    Could Dupont would make it easier for designers to get the sheet stock for R&D, stirring innovation and answering the call, as Al puts it? This could even be a terrrific competition for this website to sponsor!

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