• 2012 Olympic ‘Education Logo’ Design Competition

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    Designing for any large public event always sparks debate and the 2012 London Olympic Games logo was no exception, personally I have grown to really love this design. The fact that everyone knows what it's for has achieved most of what a logo is supposed to do but it's also got people talking about the olympics whether that's in a positive or negative way which can only be a good thing. It also fits perfectly with the web and has been used very well with interactive graphics which will be much more prominent than print come 2012.

    Anyway I think enough has been written about the logo!...So, how would you like your logo design to sit alongside it at the vast number of community and education events surrounding the games? Well if your aged between 16 and 21 you can enter an Olympic committee competition to design a "special version of the logo that will sit alongside the London 2012 Paralympic logo and be known as the London 2012 ‘education logo’. It will be seen in communities across the UK!"

    My advice is to involve the people at schools and community centre's that will use the logo and find out how it would fit within their work and what would they want to see. Full details of how you can enter can be downloaded here

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