• green transportation.

    Communication, Environmental Design


    Transportation is the first thing that effect first .when it’s come to energy crisis. And it’s bound with our life also our economy Transportation logic should develop from road to vehicle that match with srilankan context. Transportation logic should be Develop from road to vehicle that matches without silencing context .Transportation is the first thing that effect first .when it's come to energy crisis. New development new architecture should integrated with it Because? Our transport medium must be step into new era for global competition What challenge we will face And how we get there Over pass years transport developer stack holder’s customers search more answers for the global energy crisis. But as a country we still don’t have any future development for better energy efficient medium so we should start to work it from now unless it will cause major problem. To our life and economy… Mobility is essential for our life .so it consumes more energy and cost more capital So it should work it out from fundamental stage…

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