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    Recently I was coming from germany, where I worked as multimedia designer in a small town in the Hesse County. Germany was the founder of the applied design that we have in contact nowadays. The main school for the design was the Bauhaus and this is the point I want to talk about. Going to everywhere in Germany like the big cities such as Frankfurt, Munchen or Berlin, the graphic design can feel it everywhere. The environmental design in these cities is profound. In kiosks, billboards, signs for pedestrians and all kind of design for information is well processed and done in Germany.

    Here in the United States there are a lack of good environmental design, due to the big affluence of so many cultures that are gathering in the most cosmopolitan cities like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. Germans have appropriate design as a symbol of its culture. Design and German culture have grown up together since the World War II and the beginning of the Bauhaus. There should be a depuration of graphic and environmental design in the United States, creating an American identity as Germany has made for years and years of the depuration of design.

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