• Final mid-review Boards & Feedbacks from critics

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    Mission: My goal is to raise public awareness on Colony Collapse Disorder through an informational packaged product, inspiring the user to engage in on this issue and take action to help honeybees.

    From this mid-review, I got chance to talk with critics who know about CCD issue, and others who don’t know. However, feedbacks from both of parties were helpful and valuable.

    Suggestions from critics: -Get statistics (#) about how many honeybee colonies I can help with my product. -Show amounts of money/ funds ($) that will go to researchers. -Clarify the product (Think about series, and varieties) -Show on the package what is inside of the box. -Think about stores where my product will be displayed. -Show videos about the issue at final presentation. -Send e-mails about the product to big companies, for example Burt’s Bees.

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