• 2nd user testing

    Communication, Communication Design


    The second user testing was conducted on students with Aspergers syndrome from special education classroom.

    Most of the students liked to do these worksheets as they could express their emotions on the paper. However, a lot of responses were quiet not related to the questions that were asked.

    One of the students’ worksheet shows this fact very well by answering all questions saying how nervous he was for the test.

    Also, because many questions were asking when they feel sad, scared, embarrassed, one of the students got frustrated when he first began answering the question. So, he crossed out some of the questions and refused to do so. The teacher of that student mentioned because the questions asked to show the weakness of the individual, students might get more frustrated and that they don’t know how to express it.

    Also, by doing this second round of user testing, I figured the worksheet needs to give more space for students to write, and have fewer questions on one sheet. And make it more enjoyable that they don’t think of it as test.

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