• User Testing Round 2



    I conducted my second user testing through an online survey system so that I can get as many feedbacks as I can. The advantage of collecting answers this way is enormous. First of all, I can contact people no matter where they are as long as they can be wired. In other words, I can contact people from various kinds of areas who have different cultural backgrounds. I actually send some of my surveys to Asian countries and European countries as well as United State. (I have few friends over there.) In this way, I can expect answers from more diverse areas. This is a great opportunity to see how universal my icons are. Another advantage of this method is its quantity of answers that I can collect. Since my design is all about universality, it is essential to get a great number of answers and analyze how they are interpreted in a big scale. In other words, the more correct answers I get, the more universal my icons are.

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