• User Testing 2


    Before the second round of user testing, I interviewed with a tester who tested in my first user testing. For next user testing, I will send developed prototype which is shaped by heat bending from feedback in mid-review to a care institution in Japan so that I can get feedback from care worker’s side and also reaction in different culture.

    For the next prototype, I will prepare real detailed model that I sketched in the presentation board for mid-review. Concretely, the next prototype has dents on each finger, and the fingers have a nail on top. At this time, the area of user testing will be in a care institution in Japan. I will send them whole package to one care worker and ask him or her to report it. There are two objectives, one is to see how my project goes in care worker's side, and the other is how people who live in different culture (country). After making new prototype, I will send them via Mr, Oshima who knows a manager in that institution.

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