• Midterm Review Summary

    Communication, Communication Design

    The Mid-Review was again very helpful. But I thought time went so quickly that I think I talked to fewer people than last time. However, I still got good feedbacks and suggestions for my project.

    Presentation Board

    • Need descriptions on Aspergers Syndrome. -Show materials first then website


    • Change titles when it starts. Make it look more fun, and entertain that students don’t feel it like it’s test Worksheet
    • Make it more uniform; specially, teaching facial expression
    • Less materials on one page

    Feedbacks for user testing

    • Do survey or test over teachers on how they felt while using this context, materials. And find out any awkward moments by using it.

    Other feedbacks

    • How do you measure success and move on to next level? More specifically, how do you know when student fully understand and pass on?
    • Levels of difficulty
    • Look at teacher’s kit

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