• Playful recycling of adults' waste


    In response to real recycling: part two, posted by Daniel Stillman,
    in the thread Real Recycling


    Many Moroccan children and teenagers are masters in recycling what adults throw away as garbage. Talking only about the making of real musical instruments by boys it is possible to mention:

    • making whistles cut out in pages from an old notebook or made by curving a strip of a tin can;
    • making flutes with different kinds of tubes;
    • creating guitars and violins with a tin can or a pan with handle as body;
    • using as drums all kinds of old plastic or metal bottles, cans and jars;
    • and eventually creating a drum kit with three milk powder boxes whose tin lids serve as cymbals.

    I have no examples of Moroccan girls making such musical instruments but they recycle a lot of discarded objects as toys for their doll play, dinner play and household play.

    In the Design 21 blog "Participaction" (Jennifer Leonard, June 11, 2007) one reads: Mockus has wisely said, “The distribution of knowledge is the key contemporary task. Knowledge empowers people. If people know the rules, and are sensitized by art, humor and creativity, they are much more likely to accept change.”

    Linking this statement about the influence of art, humor and creativity to Moroccan children's inventive and playful use of adults' waste, one might think that grown-ups can learn something from the youngsters.

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