Communication, Industrial Design


    Mid-Review SPRING 2009

    In my Mid-Review session I had a lot of feedback. One of the problems with this feedback is that I got some confuse what way I should take. One of the questions that almost everybody asks me is about PRICE. They wanted to know abut the price of the product because my mission is to make a sustainable economic object and something that is handmade can be to cheap because of the work that it brings. Also is important to know the price of machine, material access durable and economic. Other of the big controversy in my presentation is about the design I decide to make, they look to complicate and that will bring problem with the economic object point. Some people told me about the design of my product, that I have to work more about that, and it has to be simpler. I have to work in different patterns One of the persons told me about put initial in each case, the initial of the artisan one side and my initial in the other side. People will want to know who did it. Other part that I get some comment was in my board, about graphics and the name of the product was hard to understand. Some of the comments were that I have to try other types and colors. Put color to parts that are important, the green color got to think that that part was important.

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