• Mid Review Summary


    Good Chocolate for Good


    • Add image of children eating their local treat
    • More visual design on package, too simple
    • Think about mechanism on the opening of packaging
    • How does is look like inside the package?
      • Eatable chocolate holder in the package
    • Economical
    • Package turns into return card for contribution
      • Envelope for donating more money
    • Story telling
    • Add a map
    • Look at makeup and perfume packaging
    • Black box with silver text
    • Put some information outside of the box Or people would not know this -chocolate is special


    • Medical form of chocolate
    • Symbolism remind people about natural disaster
    • Positive notion in the form of chocolate
    • Color decoration on the chocolate enhance the message
    • Who makes the chocolate?
    • “Eating” natural disaster chocolate = disappearing natural disaster


    • How much is it?
    • How much money is going to be donated?
    • Is there any profit to the chocolate farmers?
    • Ask how much money people pay knowing that money would go to victims


    • Make a display to put in the store
    • How does it look like in the store?
    • Web site, web selling
    • Go talk to vender ask where it is going to be
    • Mock up shelf
    • Photo work of the product displayed in Garden of Eden and whole foods
    • Broachers

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