• Mid Review Summary


    I got a lot of helpful feedback at the review last Monday. One of the main comments I got was about unity - unifying the design of each wristband so that they look like a family of products. Many suggested that I could do this with colour, some also suggested integrating similar forms into each wristband. Creating a universal timer design for use in each wristband was also discussed. A few people also suggested that the devices could have a secondary 'teaching function.' For example, the device could work as an mp3 player, that would play a short lesson for the child to listen to. I thought that it was an interesting idea, and could perhaps teach the child subliminally. Other people suggested ideas for a third wristband (it was decided that I should either develop one or three wristbands). Some ideas were a heat sensitive fabric that would turn colours when touched, or a gel similar to a stress ball, or a woven rubber structure.


    A reviewer pointed out that depending on material, the wristbands would take on different characteristics. For example, plastic would give a more futuristic feel, while wood would give a more earthy, organic feel. Another reviewer mentioned that the wristband I had intended to make in plastic could be made in wood on a 5-axis router if I wanted it to take on a different feel. Other reviewers also mentioned the importance of the feel of each material on the skin - the softness of the rubber and/or the hardness/smoothness of the plastic.

    User Testing

    One reviewer mentioned that I speak more with parents to get their opinions on my project thus far. They mentioned that parents might have more insight into how their children act and react. Another reviewer mentioned that I could use 'stand-in' products for the testing so that the prototype development did not get in the way of user testing.

    Next Steps

    I am going to continue prototyping, and keep exploring different rubbers/finishes/other materials. I will think about the packaging of the products, and how the instructions will be disseminated. I am also going to bring more prototypes and a full lesson plan to the Learning Spring School for them to test with, along with observation instructions.

  • Great summary. I look forward to seeing how your testing has progressed and how your project has responded to the actual testing. It was hard at the review to assess the project with a plan to test - it is essential to your success to get that feedback and fold it into your process. You cannot wait until the prototype is "ready" -- you will be too invested in the result of your prototyping and it will be hard to accept the changes that will have to happen. Go ahead an test the attributes of your product that are based on assumptions that need to be proven (eg that certain behaviors will be the result of wearing a form on the wrist, or touching a certain material - or that the wrist is the right place for this product!).

    The boards were looking good at midreview.

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