• Douglas' MID REVIEW. (draft)

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Feed back

    Some of the critics tried to turn me inside out, to expose the fact that what I had on my table was a giant cell phone case.

    They used circular logic to get me to say why I owned a phone as small as the one I have.

    I tried to reassure them that I was not delusional.

  • Your presentation is looking good - the boards are clear and the prototypes are helpful in discussing your work.

    Your challenge in the project is to establish and articulate an argument that communicates why you have made the design decisions you have. Is this project a critical commentary on noise and cell phone use? Would seeing someone use this product communicate to others that they should be more silent or consider the impact of their own conversations? Or is the product simply a personal, functional device? How does the form of the object respond to and communicate its purpose?

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