• Hey Doug:

    I've been following your progress here the past couple of weeks. I look forward to seeing this all live tonight. I also wanted to pose a few questions for you to consider moving forward.

    Regarding your mission:

    "CREATESCAPE addresses the issue of noise pollution through the design of a product that allows the user to escape the persistent noise of the city, as well as keep their own noise pollution under control."

    Though I understand your thesis title points to "escape", at this point I don't think that your product really provides an "escape" from noise, does it? Isn't it more of a retreat from the noise or a mitigation? And, what we produce with our voices, etc isn't really pollution, is it? Though, we could definitely characterize it as that (especially when we're annoyed or interrupted). Aren't these annoyances really everyday micro "sound" aggressions that test our patience and eat away at our ability to focus?

    Please consider how your ideas are represented (or not) via your mission. You don't want to overstate your problem or solution.

    Next, it's really important that you consider how to articulate your relationship with your NFP, in critiques and in your thesis overall. What is/will be the value of this relationship? What had it afforded thus far? What's lacking? Please consider incorporating some reference to these ideas into your board as well.

    Good luck tonight!


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