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    Solace aims to help childhood sexually abused adults find relief of emotional stress through the sense of touch, sound, and smell.

    solace board

  • ..

    can't read ur board...

    I really like your 3d stick figures. and the slight coloring... really effective.

    I think zshare.net is quick and easy... it lets you zoom in ....

    maybe your file is just huge?

    maybe it should be separate?

    I know you have that background going on....not sure.

  • ...

    in case u don't know....maybe u do.

    on the zshare.net site
    you choose the file you want to upload////

    it gives you a series of links....

    you want to copy and paste the 'direct link'

    k peace. sorry for so many posts.

  • Thanks for letting me know Doug. I'm working on saving another one.

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