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    My Project is Called HeboPark - Human Energy Based Outdoor Park

    HeboPark harvests energy from human daily activities and converts it into electricity for public use.

    Instead of deplete it to the air park goers contribute their energy, generated from their actions, to provide the park's lighting, sanitation and entertainment (that includes feedback to its users for their effort)

    HeboPark provides 4 different activity zones to harvest human energy-

    • Outdoor gyms

    • Children Playgrounds

    • Extreme Sports (Skateboard ramps)

    • Bicycle Sharing System

    All the electricity converted form human effort is 12Volts DC Power.

    Click to enlarge - HeboPark Presentation Board

    Click to enlarge - Hebop: Pedaling equipment Presentation Board

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    It allows you to click on the image to see it full size.

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