• The Lorax Redux, or, Who Speaks for the WET trees?


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    I just want to open this comment with a quote from Kim Robinson, a fellow student from my Watershed Restoration class last winter, who, after listening to a teak farmer position himself as a kind of eco-hero for paying his workers fairly (teak is notorious for topsoil erosion), said, “It’s like he’s up there saying, ‘Sure, I’m raping and pillaging, but I’m using a condom.’” I thought of her quip while reading the Sawfish article in WIRED Magazine: http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/15.02/logs.html

    The definition of arrogance (from Merriam Webster) is "an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions." Ignorant, on the other hand, means "lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified."

    I am going to give Chris Godsall (the 38-year old CEO of Triton Logging) the benefit of the doubt and assume he is ignorant, rather than arrogant, when he says things like, "Mother Nature never intended for trees to be underwater," because clearly, he merely lacks knowledge, and is not presuming to actually have a true understanding of the inner workings of forest ecology. One could say, for example, that the only dams Mother Nature ever intended there to be on the planet are the kind that beavers build, or that Mother Nature put aluminum underground to discourage people from harvesting it. But, I digress.

    In truth, what I really found disturbing about Behar's article (aside from the scary resemblance of the Sawfish illustration to pages 32-33 from Dr. Seuss' The Lorax) was Goodsall's attitude, that he is an environmentalist for logging trees underwater rather than above water. True, the trees may be "dead," but they may also be homes for literally thousands of water-borne organisms who live in and around them.

    Taking a surgeon's approach to harvesting ANYTHING from nature is ridiculously naive. That's like saying you can demolish two buildings in the center of New York City and not affect anything else on the isle of Manhattan. All living things are connected to other living things. A lake is just as much of an ecosystem as a forest is. Justify rape with progress and you are no different than a Onceler hawking Thneeds.

    I would ask anyone voting for this design, what makes logging trees en masse underwater any more eco-friendlier than logging them abovewater?

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