• Shinwoo, The boards are looking good, but I have a couple of suggestions:

    Board 1: There is a lot of text here, bordering on too much. Since you will be there to speak about your process and intent, it is probably best to boil the text down to some bullet points that will orient people to your project. The details can be filled in through further conversation. It is a good exercise to think about what needs to be said in order for someone to understand your intent and your strategy? Pull the sentences and phrases out of what you have written that best capture the project. People are not going to read all of this if you are there to fill them in. But some people will come into the conversation while you are already speaking to someone, so you want to be able to get them up to speed using your board.

    Board 2: You could use a stricter grid to put the drawings in. I am not a fan of boxes around drawings, so in my opinion you can leave them out (esp. if you have adhered to a grid system of organization, then our brain will understand the boundaries)... but if you are going to use boxes, use them for all the drawings. Otherwise it looks like the unboxed drawings are free-floating and it makes it harder to understand the relationship between the images.

    See you Monday!

  • It was very helpful~. I have reduced some text that I can memorise and say in presentation. In addition, I added some graphics to show what my point of thesis is. However, I didn't put grid because I coudlnt' find grid system of organization. maybe, I will find it~

    Thank you so much.

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