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    I met with my NFP on Friday. They used the week to conduct the tests with their fellow therapists at the organization. They conducted surveys that got their opinion on shape, size, ease of break, material, level and type of relief. Many gave conflicting reviews: some wanted more of a mess where most complained about the clean up after destroying the eggs. As the initial first round of testings were to be tested on therapists, but an actual client was offered one, and was the one to discover the rubber glass material actually breaks. It made a mess but she was very happy, (the therapist not as much).

    type of relief frustration: 4 out of 18 tension: 7 out of 18 stress: 5 out of 18 none: 3 out of 18 Other: included anxiety, anger,

    The level of relief was scaled from 1 to 5 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest level of relief felt

    1: 3 out of 18 2: 3 out of 18 3: 3 out of 18 4: 8 out of 18 5: 1 out of 18

    What was Satisfying: sound: 8 out of 18 texture: 8 out of 18 act of breaking 10 out of 18 none: 1 other: bouncing- gave feed back and was exciting crunch

    Size: 13 out of 18 felt that it was the right size: this is also because they used their hands and only their hands to crush the egg prototypes.

    Ease of breaking: 1: 4 out of 18 2: 3 out of 18 3: 1 out of 18 4: 4 out of 18 5: 5 out of 18

    Should the break be more difficult Yes: 4 No: 7 Don't know: 4

    Most who tested the prototypes were women. Only 3 were men. They were all given different types of eggs to break, some only coated on the outside and hollow, some filled with silicone on the inside and coated, and uncoated rubber glass filled.

    Overall the user testings really expressed the need for the breaking to be prolonged and continuous with easy clean up or none at all.

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