• User Testing for Oblivion

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    Jonathan Lock (Professional Carpenter)

    It makes sense to use router. If you want to produce a mass number of those modular blocks, you should set up customized shaper which is good for heavy duty number of various woods. Woodworking Clamp is an industrial clamp which is very appropriate for the project you are working on if you are going to laminate your blocks together.

    Joe Toledo is someone you can interview for your project.

    Material Connexion Lauren Levinsohn (Material Connexion Archivist)

    She feels my blocks look really nice in terms of the aesthetic when they are laminated together, but she questioned how am I going to propose this material like an individual piece or a sheet good? She told me their floor is made out of recycled shipping rakes, which is another opportunity for my project. She showed me some materials which are very helpful for my project. One is a non-toxic, non-volatile, strong wood adhesive which does not use any synthetic resins or solvents that may produce harmful gases or contaminate the soil. The material is called the natural glue which is good for wood flooring, laminating lumber, furniture and other wood-based products. Another material is called PolyWhey which is made from whey proteins, a waste by-product of cheese making. She also gave some information about wood flooring companies so that I can research on what process or machines they use for their production line methods.

    Designer/Artist Doug Fitch

    He thinks who is going to take the chips and do this with them and the amount of energy it takes.

    1- How could I cut out those blocks? Machines or carpenters? Who is going to do the work?

    2- How many trees are used for fine furniture and veneers every year?

    3- It is not true that my project can prevent trees from chop down.

    4- I’m making something out of nothing because I use those woods that people throw away.

    It would be very interesting to find out! What does Oblivion reminds you about: Lego blocks. They are cheap! These are probably more expensive than Lego blocks. It also makes the furniture very expensive.

    It is a wonderful display. It is brilliant idea because I’m recombining the woods in the way that structurally quite good and creating a whole new look. Also, I’m calling attention to all of the pieces of woods that people throw away. But, I still have to be honest to the amount of the energy I have to use for making the blocks.

    The next question will be how do you produce these blocks in a lot less expensive way? Will people start using new lumbers after their finish their scraps?

    It would be very interesting to investigate for some kinds of woods that would only work for this but not anything else. One thing comes to his mind is coconut lumbers. They grow all over Southeast Asia, and they grow very fast. It is not popular to use because they are the opposite of regular woods. Usually woods are soft in the outside and hard in the inside, but coconut lumbers are the opposite: soft inside and hard outside. But, it is strong and very fibrous. Strangely, you can put the nail in the first week after you chop down, and you cannot put the nail out after because it gets really hard.

    What is the end product? Brick, flooring or toy.

    You can look into something that grows fast. Cartage industry is another thing you can look up.

    You can also look for some kind of agency that colleting woods scraps from every shop once a month. So, you will have consistent waste materials.

    What is the best message for the system you develop? What kind of tree are you trying to prevent?

    What kind of glue are you using?

    There is an opportunity to make toys. The toy should be wonderful for children to learn where trees come from and the story behind it. You need to set up the recycling system in a presentable manner.

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