• Safi mechanism2

    Aid, Industrial Design


    After designing Safi Mechanism1 I contacted Yuval Spector, an engineer I know. He has helped me create a new mechanism.

    The advantages of this mechanism are that the handle is coming out of the side instead of the top which it will allow me to use standard piping (the pieces can be connected using 'T' connectors used in plumbing.

  • (This feedback encompasses the three posts you have here).

    The mechanical drawings are quite nice, but I fear that there is still a bit of distance between your concept and reality. I would begin testing your ability to communicate with the community in Kenya. How do you express a DIY project to a population in a different country and in a very different culture? I know you are figuring out the engineering challenges, but it would be a real lost opportunity if this project does not feel rooted in an actual community. Begin correspondence with this community as soon as possible, even if it is to just test communication.

    Your sketches of the children by the washing station should include the information you have written there -- incorporate your notes about heights and human factors in the visual (as well as a sketch of a child on a stool) -- making the drawings as accurate as possible, so that we see where your conclusions are coming from. It is a lot easier for critics to accept your criteria if your analysis of the numbers is easily seen.

    Great project - there are a lot of things you have to juggle here. Please do not put off connecting with the users until the mechanics are perfect. you will miss the opportunity to get the user feedback, which may be more valuable than the engineering to your final design.

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