• Contrail Update


    I'm suddenly getting a lot of good feedback about contrail. Drop me a line if you want to see it realized. Teresa and I are going to get a prototype ready for June. DIY instructions to follow.

  • I love the concept of visually creating awareness of bicycles even when they're nowhere in sight the contrails remain.

    I have seen the term "vandalism" mentioned but it's bullshit. Cars dripping oil on the pavement is more vandalism than this.

    Please put it into prod & DIY instructions would be awesome!

    -Tom http://biketempe.org

  • Put it into production or post a DIY on Instructables immediately!!! This is a great idea!! Finding a safe commuter bike route is becoming harder and harder these days. This sorta thing could definitely help.

    I agree with Tom in regards to "vandalism". This is no more "vandalism" than kids drawing on the sidewalk. It all washes away, folks.

  • Planning We have great bike lanes in my community, but long sections are often split by a block or two of on road riding to connect the dots. This would be a wonderful visual for drivers (and the City!) to realize how many cyclists pass through that area.

    Beauty What a wonderful temporary art project for kids through big kids to embrace!

    Please post DIY or a product. I'd buy several and gift them!

  • I would LOVE to leave colorful trails behind my wheels. Please get the product ready soon & post DIY instructions. Baltimore needs some color on the roads!

  • ...put up a DIY tutorial as soon as you can. Heck, make some kits for other cyclists or something.

    This is a great idea -- combining community art and awareness with one fell swoop!

    I'd run across those "vandalism" comments on other sites, too. How ridiculous...like ilikebikes pointed out, the oil, grease and rubber dust emanating from motor vehicles is FAR more vandalistic to our environments and well-being than colored chalk ever could!

  • Providence_map_color_177_

    I'm a grad student at RISD in graphic design and a friend just showed me this. If there is any room to collaborate with you on a project it would be amazing.

    Check out my project from last summer. giftcycle.org

    And I wish we would have had your product for our Obama Bike Write. 50 riders in Providence followed the typographic bike route below.

    Best to you. I love love love what you are doing.

    My email is sarahsandman@gmail.com

    I'd love to know when you have the kits ready.

  • I'd love to make/have one! Great idea!

  • Fantastic! I can imagine the streets after a 200+ person community ride! Can there be some sort of mailing list for production date and or DIY instruction release info? Superb idea!

  • It's like we could make the biggest piece of artwork ever.

  • I'm really stoked to know this tool could soon be tracing the bike paths in my city! I really hope the contrail tool will go in production soon!

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